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Investments Development Building +7 (495) 120 04 68


The Unified Bank of Moscow Projects is a relevant and credible systematic database of real estate investment projects in Moscow – an important tool enabling the assessment of the general situation with market supply and selection of the most promising project matching the investment priorities, both for the potential investor and the stakeholder in existing projects, willing to find additional sources of financing or reassign their projects to third parties. Projects for persons concerned are selected along two lines:

  •          the interested person/entity may just have a certain amount of money and willingness to invest it in any project of those available in the Bank or in a specifically selected project;
  •          The interested person/entity intends to get involved in a project with its specific location, functional use, economic performance and other conditions.

To fully or partially meet the demand of investors for real estate construction projects in Moscow, a section of proposals on implemented projects is formed in the Bank of Projects. This section contains information with project description, including its whereabouts, functional purpose, title deeds to land and properties, possible ways of entering a project or reassignment (sale) procedure, etc.

The database is noted for in-depth elaboration of information about the published investment-construction projects. The creator and curator of the Unified Bank of Projects is the non-government organization Moscow Investors Association*. The Association’s experts moderate information about each object. The expert filter saves the time of users of the Unified Bank of Projects, offering only credible information – the result of collaboration between Moscow Investors Association and Moscow Government.

Furthermore, based on a preliminary agreement with the owner of a project on offer, all interested investors may see the title deeds and enabling documentation to an object. Availability in one place of verified information about an object that has passed the expert review and examination makes the Unified Bank of Projects a unique instrument for solving the problems of investment search and attraction. The Unified Bank of Projects will stimulate the development of investment potential of the Moscow real estate market and increase the quality of professional activity of its participants.

*Reference information about the Moscow Investors’ Association

Non-profit Moscow Investors Association was established in 1994 and at the present moment numbers about 100 member companies. Among them are investors, developers, builders, manufacturers, designers, advisories, insurers, financiers as well as companies catering to the investment process. The main mission of the Moscow Investors Association is betterment of the investment environment in the capital city, attraction of supplementary investments, protecting the rights and interests of the Association members, active involvement in the formation and refinement of the regulatory standards of investment activity.